This is a one-day event, held on Friday 12 November 2021, for visual artists and those in the cultural industries who are actively engaged in, or whose work responds to, different aspects of rural life.


This event is part of the larger research project developed by Dr Ciara Healy-Musson and Professor Mary Modeen (University of Dundee), and is supported by Lismore Castle Arts, The Royal Irish Academy and The Royal Society of Edinburgh. It aims to enrich connections and establish new links between Irish and Scottish artists and writers whose creative practices focus on rurality. A series of talks will be presented in the morning at St Carthage Hall by key stakeholders invested in rural life, water quality and community wellbeing.


A coach will take participants to two farm visits in the afternoon, where it will be possible to meet with farmers to discuss creative ways of acknowledging the rich tapestry of narratives around heritage, biodiversity, animal welfare and production yields in agricultural practices.

For their gracious support of this event, we would like to offer our special thanks to